Returns Policy

Thank you for shopping with Bargain Buys!

We hope you enjoy your new purchase, and we are grateful for your business. Bargain Buys only offers the best products and services from reliable and effective service providers.

In the event of any monetary refund, the return payment shall be for the full amount paid for the voucher less any transaction fees.

However no refund will be made:

1. For vouchers that have expired / are about to expire.
2. For vouchers that have been lost.
3. Where the user of the voucher has failed to comply with Bargain Buys terms and conditions.
4. Where the user of the voucher has failed to comply with the terms, conditions, rules
and regulations of the service provider.
5. Where the Service Provider has closed down or changed ownership. However a credit on the Buyers Bargain Buys profile may be considered.

The refund will only be considered if:

1. The request for a refund is sent to A telephonic request is not sufficient.
2. An adequate reason for the refund is provided.
3. The request for a refund must include: Date of purchase, Voucher number, Service Provider, Name under which the voucher was ordered, Method of payment ie. Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or Electronic Funds Transfers.
4. All cancellations made within 5 business days of purchase will be refunded. Pre-booked services may be subject to a cancellation charge.
5. Bargain Buys will process the request for refund within 15 business days of the cancellation.

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