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Bargain Buys is an innovative, inexpensive and efficient marketing tool!

How does it work?

Jack will explain

Bargain Buys is a trade exchange arrangement.
You receive free advertising in print, web and email media.
You give us accommodation, activity, meal or gift vouchers to the equivalent value of the print advertising we have given you.
We sell the vouchers through our Bargain Buys concept.
What is a trade exchange?

You trade one of your products or services with advertising space in one of our magazines to the same value.
No money changes hands.
The costs incurred by your company are limited to the cost price of the product you sell or the cost incurred in providing the service. This is usually a huge saving!

What is in it for you?

Huge exposure via print, web and e-mail
Print exposure is the advert that you place in any one of our magazines.
Web exposure comes in two formats. Firstly your business information, including photographs, is placed on all our websites. Secondly, the product or service that you have traded is placed on our Bargain Buys website. Our websites have over 3000 hits every day.
Email exposure comes through the thousands of email brochures that are sent out every two weeks displaying your brand and the product or service you have traded.
What else do you get for free?

All your adverts are designed at no extra cost.
Your listing on our websites is forever and you can update your information with ease.
Plenty of word of mouth exposure.
Our magazines, websites and emails are custom designed to impact on your target market.

This is what our clients said about the Bargain Buys platform:

"Bargain Buys has been a great avenue for promoting our business, allowing us to interact directly with our customers. When teaming up with Bargain Buys you get best value for money in exposing your brand to a wide section of the market. I highly recommend Bargain Buys to both Business and Consumers for genuine savings. Thank you to the whole team at Bargain Buys."

- Bruce Gault
Jenni Collections

"I always think of Bargain Buys as a WIN-WIN scenario! Just such a clever way for all parties involved to benefit - Woodlands Cottages Kenton-On-Sea receives wonderful exposure - My guests are thrilled with the AFFORDABLE Experience and the Money transaction keeps Ricochet's Booklets on the Shelf! And then the next transaction begins. . . Great and many thx!"

- Bev Selwyn Smith
Woodlands Cottages

"Kuzuko Lodge will gladly recommend Bargain Buys. It is one of the only publications that we nearly immediately after publication started to receive enquiries of which most end up confirming."

- Catharina de Lange
Operations Manager & Assistant GM Kuzuko Lodge

This is truly the most cost effective advertising available today!

Find out what Bargain Buys can do for your own business, products and services today.

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Great savings on life's little pleasures