• Yo Yoga Yoga Classes in Observatory Cape Town Western Cape
  • Yo Yoga Yoga Classes in Observatory Cape Town Western Cape
  • Yo Yoga Yoga Classes in Observatory Cape Town Western Cape


One Week Intro Voucher for Yo Yoga,
includes unlimited classes for the week.

Voucher Limitations

Booking essential. First time customers only, hence one voucher per customer. Excludes Ashtanga Mysore classes. It is advised that the voucher be used within 60 days of purchase as per our refunds policy.

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Yo Yoga, which is based at 5 Sunrise Circle, Ndabeni, Pinelands, Cape Town, is one of the best places to get started on your yoga journey.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what background you come from, or how experienced or inexperienced you are – there is a class for you at this super special space!

Yo Yoga is a down-to-earth, happy and relaxed space where you can exercise your body, relax your mind, be yourself and sweat through their Yo Bikram, Flow, Recovery and Ashtanga Mysore yoga classes.

These styles have helped many reach their physical and mental wellness goals. The Yo Yoga teachers are also always excited to meet new people and to help facilitate newcomers as they embark on the start of their yoga journey.

If you are new to yoga, take a look at their newbies page to best prepare for your first class with them.

Types of yoga classes offered at Yo Yoga
The benefits of the particular styles of yoga offered at Yo Yoga include helping you maintain a healthy weight, muscle tone, glowing skin as well as helping to relieve stress, increase energy levels and keeping your mind calm and focused.

At Yo Yoga, you can try their Yo Bikram classes otherwise known as the original hot Bikram yoga. Yo Bikram classes include a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a 40°C hot studio. It was designed as a rejuvenating full body exercise. With the added benefit of the external heat the muscles, ligaments and joints are also able to stretch much deeper than normal, without the risk of injury.

You can opt for their Yo Flow yoga classes. Flow yoga is both dynamic and playful. It takes place in a 36°C environment and is identified by breath-synchronized movement. Each class is different to the next and each teacher will offer something special and unique to each class in terms of creative sequencing and music. Flow yoga, otherwise known as Vinyasa yoga, has become one of the most popular practices due to its intense, full body workout.

Yo Yoga’s Ashtanga Mysore program allows you to take responsibility for your yoga practice as you learn the Ashtanga Primary series under the guidance of a qualified and experienced teacher. Practitioners progress through the sequence at their own pace in a group setting and receive one-on-one support via adjustments and verbal instructions when needed.

This method of practice encourages one to develop a self-practice within a group setting, giving each student the opportunity to learn in accordance with their own particular needs always with the support and guidance of the teacher, without having to “keep up” with the pace of others.

In addition, take advantage of Yo Recovery – a 30˚C heated class in which the body and mind are invited to deeply relax through longer holds of postures that open and release the whole body. It is through these longer holds that one learns to tune in and be present with whatever sensations arise and as a result your understanding of the postures deepens.

Through its explorative nature, this class will support the body through any activity from intense sport to walking.

All classes are conducted by their team of experienced yoga teachers, who are keen to help you deepen your yoga practice.

Reviews from people, who attended Yo Yoga classes
“I really love the whole setup and the fact that there are so many daily classes to choose from. Well run and very organized and a great workout too!” Shahnaz Khan wrote on their Facebook page.

Mia Van Rooyen added; “Really wonderful and welcoming studio with lovely instructors and owner. I’ve been doing yoga here for 3 years and not once had a bad experience.”

“I started my Ashtanga training this week and have loved every single day. Karen is amazing in her approach and the atmosphere is beautiful not to mention the special people I have met,” said Nikki Petersen.

You will also love the pricing and schedule at Yo Yoga; click HERE for more information.

To book your class at Yo Yoga, call (021) 286 2906 or email contact@yoyoga.co.za today. Visit them online at www.yoyoga.co.za. Alternatively, visit their studio – here is their location on Google Maps.

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Website: https://www.yoyoga.co.za/
Contact Number: 083 6907 967

Yo Yoga Yoga Classes in Observatory Cape Town Western Cape

One Week Intro Voucher for Yo Yoga, includes unlimited classes for the week.

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