• Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape
  • Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape
  • Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape
  • Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape
  • Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape
  • Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape


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If you are on the lookout for something out of the ordinary and offering you the opportunity to make a real difference, then you should head down to the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary.

I was recently invited to come along to the Wolf Sanctuary to see it for myself and it was an experience never to be forgotten. Located just off of the N2 on the Eastern Cape side of the toll road is where this hidden gem awaits your visit.

I have had a real sense of love towards animals for much of my life; the decision to visit was a no brainer. As my friends and I headed towards the sanctuary we all came to realise that none of us had ever seen a wolf in real life. As South Africans I think we can become quite accustom to seeing wildlife so we were eager to be able to see real life wolves.

We arrived on a warm Saturday morning and we could not wait to get started. As we drove into the gate we were welcomed by Andrew, who would be our guide for the day, as well as driving past many comical, yet informative information about wolves- many of whom we were unaware of.

As we exited the car I could not help but marvel at the surroundings, the sun cascading off the nearby mountain range and the peaceful serenity brought about by their off-the-beaten-path location.

The time had come, we would now be starting our tour and hence getting to see the wolves which the team so tirelessly takes care of.

We were joined by a group of Europeans as well as other locals during our tour, none of us could quite believe what we were seeing; real life wolves only a few metres away. Andrew was very thorough in his explanations and questions we had. He would also go on to retell some encounters he had with the wolves, an important reminder that they are still wild animals at heart.

The team showed us the importance to never breed wolf-dog hybrids or to keep wolves as domesticated pets. The Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary is home to 26 wolves, all of whom have been taken into their care as a result of humans trying to restrict nature to one’s own desire.

The wolf enclosures are large enough for the animals to live in relative comfort.

One of the unexpected highlights of our visit was their resident trouble maker and wolf-provoker, Panda the Cat. We were constantly amused at his bravery and aloofness towards the wolves; he is definitely the bravest feline I have ever encountered.

When the time arrived for our tour to be concluded, we made our way to their gift shop which is filled with many toys, clothing and other trinkets for guests to purchase in support of the sanctuary. Upon speaking with their team it is clear that their job is a passion and one that they dedicate themselves towards, as being a Non-Profit Organisation comes with lots of challenges.

Once we all said our goodbyes to the team, the wolves and of course to Panda, we left the premises feeling a real sense of awe. The fact that we had the opportunity to see real life wolves was something that will live long in the memory.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary
Learn about wolves at the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary
The Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary opened their doors in 2001, making them the oldest wolf sanctuary in the country. They provide a safe haven for unwanted or abused wolves and wolf-dog hybrids. Their tours offer visitors an experience like non other.

The team places a strong emphasis on knowledge and debunking any preconceived ideas one has on wolves. Wolves are wild animals and should remain as such.

Although wolves are not indigenous to South Africa, many have been bred in the country; dating back to the 1970s when the South African Defence Force attempted to cross breed the wolves with dogs.

Their knowledgeable and highly capable staff is on hand to answer any questions that might arise regarding aspects of the lives of wolves. The team have seen the wolves grow up and their individual personalities shine through.

Often portrayed as the villain in many cartoons and animations, the team showcases the importance of seeing wolves in the right light and that is one of respect.

Operating as an NPO means that all finances are geared towards the continued preservation of the sanctuary and their resident wolves.

To make a donation, click HERE. To view their rates, click HERE.

Comfortable accommodation is on offer at the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, they have two cabins and each has a double bed. The communal area is one that oozes tranquillity.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary is located on Lot 510, Eilandshoogte, Witelsbos, Tsitsikamma. Here is their location on Google Maps. For bookings, call +27 (0) 82 956 4175 or email tsitsikammawolfsanctuary@gmail.com, visit them online at www.wolfsa.org.za today.


Instagram:@ tsitsikammawolf


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Website: https://wolfsa.org.za/
Contact Number: 082-956-4175

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary Activities in Tsitsikamma Eastern Cape

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