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Diet with confidence at Weightloss Solutions

Going on a diet is something that I have never been keen on, partly because it has never really worked for me, and mostly because it usually involves the same “guaranteed to lose weight” slogan, which turns into nothing but a complete waste of time and money.

With no real weight goal in mind, and all pre-conceived notions about dieting in place, I decided to take a friend up on an offer, and try a week-long trial at Weightloss Solutions in Port Elizabeth, just to find out what the process involves. I was to emerge a changed person.

The day before my visit, I received an email from Consultant and Owner, Sue Jones, not only to confirm my booking, but also confirm how much weight I would like to lose and what food types I am not keen on. Her mail left a big impression on me and proved that she was keen on helping me achieve my goal.

Arriving back at home, I hopped onto the scale in my bathroom and was horrified with where the needle came to rest. I then thought about her question of how much weight I would like to lose. Randomly, I wrote down 20 kg’s, thinking I will never achieve this.

On my arrival the next day, I was given a warm and friendly welcoming by Sue, who came across as very spontaneous and self-assured person. After a quick chat, she took my weight and measurements, before informing me that Clients lose between 7-10 kg’s EVERY month. Astonished, I decided that this one challenge I needed.

Consisting of three meals a day, up to 2 litres of water each day and omitting any snacking or milk and sugar products, the plan looked easy to follow.

It proved a challenge not to cheat on the first two to three days of the plan, but I managed to settle in with the pattern and completed the seven days. Stepping onto the scale in Sue’s office that Friday, I was elated to find that I had lost 3 kg’s.

Motivated by my new lighter self, I decided to press-on I have now managed to better my goal weight-loss by 6 kg’s! Weightloss Solutions has defiantly changed my life as I now feel more confident and with a renewed zest for life.

To experience your new beginning, contact Sue for your obligation-FREE consultation on 073 350 9309 or email weightloss.solutions@yahoo.com.

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