• Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)
  • Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)
  • Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)
  • Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)


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Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)

Scoot down the hill

I’m not particularly big on extreme sports so it was with some trepidation that I visited Scootours at Kaapsehoop Outdoor Hub for their 6km downhill ride through the forest. However, when I met Rudi du Plessis and Juliette Whelpton, the owners, they reassured me that this is a family friendly adventure.

Scootours® is in fact not an extreme activity, but a unique way to the experience nature. Scootours is a national franchise with six rides around the country. They make use of non-motorized, thick-tired Monster Mountain® Scooters. These Swiss designed scooters, which are great fun to ride, were originally developed for use on the ski slopes of the Alps during the summer season when the snow had melted.

The fun starts at the Kaapsehoop Outdoor Hub, which lies in the midst of the historical Kaapsehoop village. Kaapsehoop Outdoor offer two types of eco- friendly rides , one with and the other without motorization. However, it is the non-motorized scooter that is best for the downhill adventure.

The tours are two hours long and start at 9:15; 11:15; 13:15 and 15:15 and cost R450 each. Once you’ve been kitted out with helmet and gloves, Rudi and Juliette take you up the hill in their tuff-as-nails open game viewer truck, popularly known as Mr. Fantastic.

Because Kaapsehoop lies on the escarpment at 1500m above sea level, the area is often blanketed in mist. Rudi says that the best trips through the forest occur when the trees are eerily surrounded by mist. However, on my trip, it was a beautiful clear day, enabling me to enjoy the breathtaking view from the escarpment and the spot a herd of the famous wild horses of Kaapsehoop

Once at the top of the mountain, we climbed onto our scooters and away we went, following Rudi through a mix of indigenous forest and pine tree plantations.

Halfway down the mountain, we stopped at a beautiful waterfall where Rudi issued us with a catapult and some marbles. He had erected a target across the gorge and encouraged us to take pot shots. What fun!

The ride is spectacular. The forest is both quiet and filled with the sounds of birds and the whisper of the wind. The scenery is beautiful and the bikes easy and comfortable to ride. We passed over rivers and enjoyed spectacular views over the De Kaap and Elands Vallies. I can’t remember when last I had so much fun.

Back at the bottom of the mountain Juliette awaited with a table of refreshments next to a beautiful pond.

Scootours also offer party packages, team building and year-end functions. Each bike is capable of taking one adult and a child passenger.

I was blown away by the amazing energy of Rudi and Juliette - they are so full fun and have such a positive attitude to life. They ensured that my visit was both fun and safe and highly enjoyable. Thank you for the awesome day!

by Linda Thunemann-Faasen

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Website: http://scootours.co.za/kaapsehoop/
Contact Number: 072 945 6109


Bookings are essential. Subject to availability

Kaapsehoop Outdoor (Kaapsehoop - Mpumalanga)

Couple Scooter Experience

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