• Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)
  • Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)
  • Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)
  • Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)
  • Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)


Individual Ziplining Voucher

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)

Back and forth over waterfalls
Hard to forget ziplining experience at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures

Tsitsikamma is world famous for its adventure activities and any of the sites offering adrenalin-filled fun will be awash with a multitude of languages. Having tried most of the activities in the area, I have to say that the zipline tour at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures remains a favourite.

Just an hour and a half’s drive from Port Elizabeth, on the N2, it is easy to locate and good for a single day’s outing. You can wake up in the morning, get in your car, do the zipline tour and be back in PE to watch the Bokke score a few tries.

Essentially, think of a zipline tour as a twenty-first century foefie slide. However, it is faster, safer, longer and a lot scarier than the old wire-across-the-river-and-jump-before-you-hit-the-pole type of fun! Fortunately, the guys at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures place your safety above everything else, so you will be wearing a harness and helmet.

A knowledgeable, helpful and experienced guide will also be on hand to ensure you have fun while being safe – otherwise most of us would not know how to work all the various harness clips, clasps, loops, locks and straps.

My advice is to do the tour with a group of friends and family and make sure you’re the first to take a ride across the river. Have your phone, GoPro or camera ready because you then have the opportunity to catch your companions’ crazy expressions as they approach the platform after their first ride.

Truly, nothing comes close to zipping across the rushing waters of the Kruis River and its beautiful waterfalls. The first few rides are slow and short, but increase in length and speed as you progress down the river until you get to the sixth ride, where you soon understand the term ‘zip’, because that is exactly what you do from start to finish.

The seventh ride, the highest at 50m and the longest at 211m, entails climbing out of the gorge and taking a more leisurely trip back towards the starting point.

Looking beyond the fun and excitement, this valley, with its multitude of waterfalls is beautiful and, with all the recent rains, the river is running strong and loud.

By the time you get to the eighth ride, you are more relaxed and less excitable and can enjoy the scenery and use your camera to take in the grand vista of the valley with its network of cables and platforms.

Back at the starting point, you can remove your ziplining gear and enjoy a well-earned refreshment.

By: Graeme Lund

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Website: http://www.tsitsikammaadventure.co.za/
Contact Number: 042 280 3770


Only 1 voucher may be used per person per day. Vouchers are not valid during: Easter Weekend, School Holidays & 1 Dec - 15 Jan

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures (Tsitsikamma - Eastern Cape)

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